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No More Boarding Up your Windows During Hurricanes.

IMpact Security Windows in houston, Texas

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Discover a smarter, more efficient way to secure your home with Renaissance Windows and Doors, your trusted provider of Impact Security Windows in Houston, Texas. Forget the hassle of boarding up your windows during hurricane season; our impact windows meet TDI/TWIA Certification, making them a reliable defense against severe weather conditions. Additionally, our high-quality security windows feature sleek, elegant locking mechanisms designed to deter intruders. A staggering 25% of home break-ins occur through windows, but with our reinforced impact glass, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the glass will stay in place even if cracked, effectively barring unauthorized entry.

Not only do our windows offer unparalleled safety, but they can also lead to significant financial benefits. Installing our Impact Security Windows in Houston, Texas, could dramatically reduce your home insurance premiums, saving you as much as $10,000 per year. Plus, these replacement windows can also save you the cost of potential damage to your home during natural disasters or break-ins. So why wait? Upgrade to the Renaissance Windows and Doors impact security windows and experience both the safety and savings you deserve.

Impact Security windows in Houston, texas

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  • “The market has a lot of choices. We found a much better product and installation experience with Renaissance than what is being offered by the three or four heavily promoted vinyl window replacement companies advertising in this area.”

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The Anatomy of a Fixed Windows in Houston Texas

IMpact security windows definitions

If you’re considering upgrading your home’s safety and resilience, understanding the terminology around Impact Security Windows in Houston, Texas is crucial. This glossary aims to demystify the terms you’ll encounter, helping you make educated choices for your home.

Impact-Resistant Glazing

In the context of impact security windows, impact-resistant glazing is the fortified glass secured within the window frame. This specialized glass, designed to withstand severe forces, is crucial for both safety and energy efficiency.

Security Sash

The sash in impact security windows refers to the framework that holds the fortified glazing. Security sashes are designed to be stronger than those in standard windows, enhancing the window’s resilience to forced entry and extreme weather.

Reinforced Frame

In impact security windows, the reinforced frame encloses the sash and the glazing. Constructed from durable materials, this frame is critical for the window’s overall performance and longevity.

Security Tracks

These are the reinforced channels in which the sashes slide. Security tracks are an important feature, ensuring smooth operation while bolstering the window’s resistance to forced entry.


This material improves the seal between the sashes and the reinforced frame, further boosting the window’s energy efficiency and insulating properties.

Locking Meeting Rail

The locking meeting rail is where the two sashes converge when the window is closed. This component often has enhanced locking mechanisms for additional security.

Structural Jambs

Structural jambs are the fortified sides of the window frame in impact security windows. They provide increased stability and are essential in resisting high wind pressures.

Security Casings

These specialized casings envelop the window frame, preventing air leaks and offering an extra layer of protection against forced entry.

Sill and Head

In impact security windows, the sill and head are constructed to drain water away and provide enhanced structural support, respectively.

Decorative Apron

Situated below the sill, the apron offers a stylish touch while not compromising the window’s security features.

For all your needs related to Impact Security Windows in Houston, Texas, look no further than Renaissance Windows & Doors. We offer a variety of options tailored to meet your unique specifications.

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